CAD/CAM Technology

State of the art CAD/CAM technology is used to machine a biocompatible one piece framework from a solid titanium block. This results in a customized design with consistent precision of fit and optimal aesthetics.

These are created specifically for us at specialized labs across the country personally selected by Dr Yen. 

CEREC® Ceramic Crowns

FasnachtYenDDSCERECatBHDOur expanded lab now includes a CEREC® machine that will offer a faster option for crafting crowns in our office. Innovation in dentistry has made tooth restoration easier, more convenient, more accurate and overall lesscerecac_with_omnicam_web-200x300 worrisome for patients with CEREC® equipment, which provides for on-site creation of natural-looking ceramic restorations – in a single visit.

Our office uses a digital camera to take an optical impression of the damaged tooth, design the appropriate restoration using CAD software and mill tooth-colored ceramic on-site.

There’s no need for a temporary and return visit. From tooth preparation to placement and bonding, you can have your smile restored in about an hour. Advanced bonding techniques and precise restoration design allow more of the healthy tooth material to be retained, creating a stronger, more natural result.