Bleaching is used when your only concern is that your smile is not as bright as it can be due to staining or discoloration of the teeth.

A specially formulated peroxide based gel is used to release and remove surface stains that have accumulated over the years in the micro porosities in the enamel covering of the teeth.

There are two approaches are available: In our office, using a special light to safely activate the bleaching gel, takes 45 minutes to an hour. Or at home, using a custom fabricated soft tray you can comfortably bleach your teeth at your convenience. Home procedure takes 30 minutes to an hour of daily wear. You will see results in about 2 weeks.


Is bleaching safe?

Numerous studies conducted at major universities have shown that the enamel is not weakened or changed at all. The ingredients are so safe because they all release oxygen to power off the stains.

What is the difference between the over the counter bleaching gels and those prescribed in the dental office?
The main difference is that the over the counter products have a milder concentration of the active ingredient to make them safe from over-use, and they contain preservatives to increase their shelf life.

Another major advantage of dental office bleaching is that the carrier tray is custom made for each individual patient and therefore fits better. This intimate fit allows the bleaching gel to be concentrated right on the tooth surface resulting in faster action.