Cutting Edge Technology: CDR X-rays

Dr. Yen strongly believes that the professional is a student for life and this concept of Kaisan or continued self improvement permeates his entire office. Continued education is a foremost priority. He and his staff attend numerous seminars throughout the year to learn the latest technology with which to bring to his patients ever increased level of care and sophistication of treatment.

The dental office is equipped with CDR (computerized digital radiography), in which x-ray images are captured on digital sensors rather than the traditional film. This allows a 90% reduction in the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to because of the extreme sensitivity of the sensors. The images are then projected on computer monitors which allow very large magnification of the images. This not only allows better visualization for the doctor but also gives the opportunity for the patient to see and understand what the x-rays show.

In addition, the office is equipped with an intra-oral camera that allows the patient direct visualization of his or her condition. This has been a wonderful educational tool because it helps the patient see what the doctor sees, and understand what is going on. Dr. Yen strongly believes in having the patient as equal partners in the diagnosis and subsequent planning of their treatment.

He utilizes x-rays, intra-oral photos, and models to assess the presented situation, and then to come up with some solutions. In explaining the available treatment options, more visual aids are utilized, so that the patient becomes completely educated about his or her condition following the consult. Again, education is a big priority for the patients when they see Dr. Yen.